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18 October, 2020

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About Myself
I am an experienced and highly qualified academic essay writer in the field of Advertising. I have been working with Clazwork for 4 years now. I am 26 years old, a Canadian national by birth living in the west end of the city of Vancouver. I began writing for this company in my undergraduate years while studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Communication at the University of Ontario. I have since gone on to get my Masters degree in Advertising. It began as a way to make an extra buck in university but I have since grown to love academic essay writing particularly in my field of knowledge and expertise which is advertising. I have always had an excellent command of the English language but my time at the company taught and developed my writing skills so that I could effectively express the knowledge I possessed in the field of advertising in written academic essays. I am a freelance journalist and advertising consultant by profession specializing in digital marketing. The fact that my working hours are informal makes it possible to take up academic writing during my free time. I am able to take on and successfully complete on time all the orders that come up for me
My Expertise
My proficiency as a highly rated Advertisement essay writer comes from years of writing practice, 4 to be exact and my real life experience in the world of advertising at my job. The fact that I write from personal knowledge and experience in the field helps me to write excellent quality essays. I’m also kind of what you’d call a ‘grammar Nazi’ therefore my papers are always thoroughly checked for grammar and spelling mistakes. My time at the writing company has enabled me to quickly pick on what a client needs in his or her paper precisely and most of my satisfied clients say that it’s almost as if I was reading their minds because I deliver exactly what they need in their essays.