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Isabelle W Pownall

Australia | 09:16 PM Local Time
Completed : Masters & PhD (Media, Culture and Communication)
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198 (Including Test Assignments and Revisions)
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University of Newcastle
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16 September, 2020

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About Myself
I have been working with Clazwork in the communication and media Department for 15 years. I am 41 years old Australian citizen born and raised in Tasmania. Professionally, I am a Director of Social Media Communications with the ability to monitor the changing technological trends and their possible influence to the social media responds appropriately. I have since left the practice and I am now a full time writer. In addition to that, I have also published many books and journal articles both as an individual as well as in collaboration with other like-minded communication and media professionals, the books some of which have formed part of coursework in many communication and media learning institutions in Australia. I hold a PhD in Media, Culture and Communication, Masters in Communication Studies as well as a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media.

My Expertise
I owe my competence as an academic writer to my education background that has made me involved in communication and media discourse for a long time hence gaining the deep comprehension of different branches of the field. Therefore, I am capable of working on any assignment from whichever aspect of the field. The 15 years that I have spent in writing is also to be credited as a contributory factor to my expertise since in doing the same thing several times, my writing skills and competence has notably improved. My career has also contributed to my exceptional skills since it imparts unto me the knowledge on practical application of my skills as well as enhancing my research both of which have greatly escalated my writing competence.