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Thomas S Hampton

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13 October, 2021

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About Me
I am a Canadian citizen from the River Hurst region. I am aged forty four years. I hold a PhD in international relations and development studies. I am also a part time writer, offering my services as an international relations/affairs writer with a top Canadian firm. I have offered my services with this company for eight years. Professionally, I have worked for four years as an international trade analyst and currently, I am an international development controller working with a development Company in Canada.
My expertise
I am a well eloquent parson in both spoken and written English. My essays in international relations are therefore of an above standard quality. I have a multiple perspective and view on the international affairs and relations. I can therefore be able to write essay that are based on the broad view, hence the information I offer is never shallow. I have had a large experience on international affairs since I work and have had aneight years’ experience in the field.I have a strong theoretical foundation on matters related to international affairs and relations. This is mainly achieved through my learning, since I hold a PhD in a related field. I also have a huge experience on the international relations through handling the post of an international bank manager. I am well familiar with multi and bi-lateral business and affair. I can be able to write the international affairs and relations essays and studies papers based on my firsthand experience. Writing international relations’/affairs topic essays sometimes require research and analysis. I therefore am able to apply my skills in analysis, trends and research. This ensures that any figures in the essays are well researched and the information well analyzed.