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I am Ben Stokes and am from Germany. Presently, I am working as an academic assignment writer especially handling the field essays on management. I have got the experience of 16 years as an academic assignment writer. I am 49 years of old. I am married and am living with my wide and two lovely kids. I started my career as a business executive in a private company. Later I became the general manager of that company. At present, my main career is in academic assignment writing. Now, I am working for which is one of the best online essay writing services in the field.  I feel so satisfied and pleased with the job of academic writer. I had a desire to teach the students during my early years of my career. But I could not satisfy my wish to teach students. My present job as an academic writer helped me somehow to accomplish my desire to teach through my essay and assignment writings.  My job as a business executive and also as general manager helped me a great deal to excel in academic writing since it trained me to know the value of uphill struggle and knowledge that are crucial to develop into a fruitful writer.  I took my degrees in MBA & Ph.D. I obtained my degrees from the University of Mannheim.

As a full time academic assignment writer in, my chief task is to write articles and essays on management. I am someone who works to better his institution and profession. Writing essays on management is in actual fact an easy task for me because I was educated and later worked in the business field.  My expertise writing field is business and management. My attainments of BBA and MBA have given me lots of understanding and perceptive about the field of business and management. My job as a business executive and also as general manager gave lots of insight and several viewpoints to look at the things in different ways. I am also interested to write assignments and essays on science. I originally intended to go after a career on science but after my matriculation I changed all my decision and changed my mind to the business and management field. I have written many articles and essays on science and also used to clarify lots of question on science that was raised by students who lives around my house.

The word that I give is the essays and assignments that you give me to write will be original and I will do everything that can make your work high in quality. My works will be free from the plagiarism so you can expect an original work from me.  But if you think that my work is copied or not in quality as you expected, you can request for either revision or refund. I will do upto 2 revisions for you.

Essays on business management are the major subject that I manage as a writer in  It is spot on that essay on business and managements have always something to offer both for the reader and the writer. It indeed improves the understanding and perceptive in this area for the writer as well as for the reader very much.   My experience in writing essay on business management and my previous jobs as a business executive and  as general manager gave me lots of skills and capabilities to specialize in the filed of business and management. I have written almost 140 articles and assignments up to now in the field of business and management. I have also written plenty of assignments and articles in the field of science that helped me to have extensive knowledge away from my area of expertise. So my wider knowledge allows me to write down various subjects with ease and effective. I have conducted meetings and presentations on the subject of business. I believe that all these minute things makes me a prolific in the filed of business and management.

Although writing essays on business management are a hard task for the students, it can be easy when you understand or recognize how to write an essay on business and management. Ahead of you even think about writing your essays, you should take time for serious self-reflection by concentrating on your strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. From writing an effective essay on business management, you are required to find out a topic that suits the competency of you. Business management is an immense field and there are many subjects like Finance, Marketing and others, so certain guidelines may aid you in developing the essay which is insightful, rational and credible. Students who require writing essays on business management need to be really patent in ideas concerning their topics for management essay. Create an outline plan for the essay on business management. This will assist you to put in order the main ideas as well as arguments to be offered in the logical sequence at what time you come to write the essay. High-quality research is essential in creating a great essay paper. For writing a business management essay, you can search the materials from the library or by using the internet.  Keep in mind that the information that you collect for the essay has to be from reputable academic resources. The base of most academic work is the ability to put up a good essay.   It is a skill which most students need to build up as nobody is born with the natural ability to write an essay but never mind, have a format when you write the essay especially incorporating the usual format of introduction along with a thesis statement, body sections divided by thoughtful paragraphs and a well summed up conclusion. Bibliography and list of references makes your essay to look as professional. Proof reading and revising your essay assists you to avoid errors and minute mistakes. Try to evade recurring thoughts and wordiness from the essay. The essay will be then in complete form.

Errors can happen even if I entirely focus to produce a faultless essay.  If there are any mistakes and revision requires, you can ask for it without any hesitation. If you find that the essay is copied and cannot be used for the academic purposes, you can request for your money back.  You are required to show the proof of plagiarized that you discovered from my essay.   If I identify that your claim is right, I will make the refund.

I am certainly obliged to strictly follow the writer guidelines and rule since am a dedicated employee.  I will not get into any actions that are reluctant to the companies’ strategy and rules.