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29 June, 2020

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About Myself
I am a 45 years old resident of Rue in Canada. I am a holder of a degree in philosophy, or doctor of philosophy. I acquired my doctorate degree from the best Canadian law school. I have also acquired a higher in administrative law. I am an entrepreneur with my own law farm. I offer graduating lawyers a platform for practicing law and also channel them in to career points. I have worked as a high court appeal lawyer. I have a fifteen years’ experience in law related fields. I have run my own law farm for 8 years.

My expertise
I have a great passion in nurturing other budding lawyers and that’s the main reason why I set up a law farm. In writing legal studies essays and papers, I employ this skill to write legal studies papers that assist other learners in accumulating law easily. I have had a great experience in learning a law farm, and am able to interact with other lawyers and be updated on law developments, which in turn I employ in my writing. Working as a high court appeal lawyers has also given me much exposure in law, and am therefore able to relate with the legal studies cases that I handle. While writing the legal studies essays, I employ my time keeping skill, and always deliver in time. I am an eloquent communicator and deliver in good time. I am highly reliable in terms of keeping agreements, upholding contracts, delivering in time and also delivering quality essays and papers. I have been writing essay legal studies for the past five years, and my experience keeps building up by day.