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11 May, 2021

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About Myself
I am proudly celebrating my sixth year as an academic writer at Clazwork. I am a 39 years old UK citizen born in Manchester, UK and I can write essays in any way you want. I am also living and working in Manchester. I began writing as a hobby and with time it has grown to become a profession. Since childhood I have always been an expert in writing and this is what has been cultivated within years making me very competent in writing  different types of essays. I am a professor by profession. I have mastered in college essays: family therapy and I also hold a degree in psychology. My career and the writing profession never collide since they are interrelated. I am able to borrow knowledge from each side and this way I am able to always yield excellent results from the two sides. I have worked for long enough to earn the trust of most of my clients and I have never given neither them nor the company a reason to withdraw this trust. In short I am driven by myself discipline.
My Expertise
I can write essays in over 45 subjects. My expertise comes with years of experience and practice. Apart from experience, description is my talent and hobby. My education background adds on to this to create the foundation I have in writing custom essays. My education in the field of college essays has given me enough exposure to various sections of essay writing. This is where I developed the ability to write essays. The fact that I really enjoy writing such essays is a major boost to my competence. I actually boast of coming up with acceptable, comprehensive, descriptive and impressive essays without any struggle whatsoever. I am very confident in my competence and my main agenda is to write essays in a satisfactory way.
Warranty of satisfaction
I would like you to be aware that I cannot guarantee full refund in any case. I am always very keen and all my essays are proofread before submission. I also ensure that I write essays in an original way and this is enough reason to never refund fully. If there is a need for any refund I will personally solve that with the affected client.
Write essays essay writing Help
I can write essays in an essay either short or long depending on the amount of information you intend to reveal. I am aware that essays concerning families are a bit sensitive since there are some words that cannot be used. I am also aware that there is a type of vocabulary used in such essays since they are a reflection of the family. These essays are expected to be very clear and should portray an image of the family. Outline of essay is a very basic and important factor in one’s life and sometimes the reputation of your family defines you. It is for this reason that an essay describing ones skills should be worked on professionally so that only the important details are included with precision and clarity. I am capable of elaborating your essay in an clear and concise manner without any trace of plagiarism.
Write essays essay writing outline
An essay whatever the topic should be very detailed and descriptive.  There should also be a certain issue or topic that you want to write about your topic either because it is unique or it bothers you. I am able to show lot of emotions and real feelings as I write essays in such a way that the reader gets glued to the content and want to know more. The best thing about an essay is that it delivers the understanding of the student about the topic. There is a very big importance of coming up with an excellent essay whether it is for examination purposes or for a skill test. I can guarantee you that each and every essay i deliver will reward your excellent appreciation. I can also guarantee you that I am one person who can write essays and make you smile all the while.
Refund policy
I will only refund for cases of no submission at all. I do not intend to deal with quality complaints and I ask all the unsatisfied clients to invoke the CW jury on that issue. I will attend to any request for revision which will be submitted to me after 24 hours. Please be aware that I will do up to 5 revisions submitted before the third day.
Compliance with the Company guidelines
I work under the rules and regulations of Clazwork and I fully comply with them. I do not go against any rule and I do not intend to do so whatsoever.