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I am Brad Simon and writing English essay papers is my sphere of specialization and main attention as an academic assignment writer. As a writer, my strong point is my strength to improve from my weakness and develop more of my good qualities and therefore be proficient in every venture that I partake. My strong point is my positive approach towards the work. I always favor to go into the detail of the work assign to me which assists me to understand in a better way and after that the results that come out is reasonable to me. I am from Australia and am 52 years of old. I have attained my degree in M A and BA in English literature. I took my degrees from the University of Notre Dame Australia. After completing my degrees, I chose my career in teaching. I have worked as a teacher for more than 12 years. Presently, my main career is in academic assignment and essay writing. I started my career in academic assignment writing as part time and I have got the experience of 17 years in the field of academic assignment writing.

Choosing a career is a very much personal matter and when I started by about my biggest interests, the career of English came in my mind first and foremost. I preferred a career in English ever from my childhood onwards. English has been my favorite subject and my passion to the sphere of English motivated me very hugely to pursue a career in English. English as a career is important to me because it helps me as a teacher and academic assignment writer to infuse knowledge and skills to various students. These skills assist the students in the future thus making them creative and prolific people in the society. My expertise and experience that I gained from the English career showed me that I have taken the right career choice. My education and work in English offered me the passion for reading, developed strong written and verbal communication skills, and the flexibility to work in any fields of English. Understanding and analysis of writing has improved through my education and due to my 17 years in the field of academic assignment writing which indeed aided me a great deal to expertise in writing English essay papers.

My 17 years experience in academic assignment writing gave me enough chance to create assorted assignments and English essay papers. Each time the clients were exceptionally content with my work that I have done from them.  So I can give the surety that you will be cheery and fulfilled with the assignments and articles that I will accomplish for you. At the same time if you are not fulfilled with the nature and quality of my papers, you can request me for the modification or cash back. I can do 2 free revisions for you with pleasure. 

Writing English essay papers is my sphere of specialization and main consideration as an academic assignment writer. My journey of 17 years in the field of academic assignment writing has been quite satisfying and rewarding. My expertise subject fields are English, sociology and philosophy. I have written quite a few assignments, articles and essays on English, sociology and philosophy so far in my professional career as an academic assignment writer. I have done almost 475 assignments and English essay papers to this point of time in my writing career. My strong ability for clear expression both oral and written, putting forward ideas and arguments in a concise way, gathering, investigating and assessing materials, concentrating facts, ideas and arguments, basing conclusions on research, synthesizing ideas and organizing material in a logical and coherent way have prepared me to expertise in writing English essay papers.     It is spot on that the skills that I could expand through the study of English Literature such as effective written and verbal communication, time-management, organizational skills, team-work, independent study and research, developing persuasive arguments     were stimulating for me to specialize in writing English essay papers. Presently, I am carrying out a research on “the major benefits and challenges of ESL teaching.”

Writing English essay papers requires lots of researching, planning, preparation, time and hard work. Due to these requirements many of the students find it intricate to write English essay papers when their professors ask them to write as a part of your curriculum. You may be inquired to write English essay papers in high school or in college and most of the times you only have a short time to complete your essay in class, so make use of some of the guidelines and tips to write a commanding English essay paper. Primarily, decide on a topic for your English essay papers. The initial step in writing English essay papers is deciding on a broad topic and it has to meet all your academic requirements and personal competencies. Before deciding any topic, guess what the possible essay topics will be apt for your English essay papers and finalize the one that make you more comfy to write. Start the English essay papers writing process by researching your topic. Researching will aid you to make yourself a proficient and specialist in writing English essay papers. Make use of the internet, the academic databases, and the library to collect ample and enough materials, information and details for your English essay papers. Next move on to organize and analyze your materials that you have already collected.  Organizing and analyzing the arguments materials of the essay you are reading can make a flow while you write your essay. Create an outline for your English essay papers.  Draw up or create outline your essay before straightway writing it out. Think about the sentences, paragraphs, and bullet points to point up what each paragraph will include while you create an outline.  Now you have reached to the main part of your essay that is the writing phase. The introduction of your English essay papers should set up the issue and leads in to your arguments. The introduction paragraph is a stage of carrying your reader into the essay's chief arguments. Now move on to the body paragraphs of your English essay papers. Each individual paragraph should be paying attention to the main idea or argument that supports your introduction. It’s time to conclude your essay and elegantly conclude your essay by making quick wrap-up sentences. Include citation and reference list in your English essay papers. Make sure that all borrowed ideas and quotations should be properly cited in your essay. Revise and proofread your English essay papers.  While proofreading, check for spelling, punctuation and grammar. While revising, remove any sections that are not mainly relevant to your topic. So if you are efficient to follow these tips and guidelines, you will be able to present a clean and neat copy of English essay papers to your professor. Bear in mind to submit your English essay papers on time to your respective professors.
You can request for the cash back in the case you believe that the work that I have prepared for you is not in a good quality and likewise can't use for your academic purposes. By all things considered you need to prove me that the work I have provided for you is counterfeited by means of screenshot of plagiarism report. If I discover that your articulation is honest to goodness, I will give you the cash back.  Please bear in mind that when you inquire for the cash back, a little measure of cash will be lost.

I am an academic writer in and am obliged to completely adhere to author guidelines and policies. So I won't get into any movements that are not in favor of the organizations' policies and regulations.