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I am Janet Hales and I am someone who looks after the betterment me as well as for the organization to which I work for. Writing essays on English literature is my main attention as an academic writer. I am 40 years of age and am married as well.  At present, I am living with my husband and two children. I have completed my Bachelor and Master Degrees in English literature and pursue my education in communicative English to research more about language and its origin. I took my degrees from the Harvard University. I was born in Australia and later migrated to United States of America. After my higher studies, I worked as an English teacher. But when I became the mother of two kids, it turned out to be so hard for me to balance my job as a teacher and mother. So I resigned my job but I looked after a job that can be done from my home itself. After a few months, I came to know about clazwork.com. I turned into a full time academic assignment writer in clazwork.com. Presently my main career is in academic assignment writing. Presently, I have the experience of 8 years in the academic assignment writing. I am so happy and pleased with the current job.

When I was a child, I decided to pursue a career in the field of nursing and I got ample inspiration from my parents especially from mother who was a nurse for more than 25 years. But after my matriculation my interest turned into the field of business and I desired to start a business organization of my own. After my pre-degree, I became fascinated in the filed of English literature. So I went for pursuing higher studies in English literature with an intention to develop my knowledge and strengthen interest in the filed of English literature. It is spot on that my degrees in English literature enabled me with the sufficient skills and proficiency that are required to follow a career in English literature. I believe that my job as a teacher gave me more insights and perception in English literature. As a writer and teacher, I have welcomed all the topics of English literature. I have done research proposals in any area of medieval English or modern English particularly in aspects of medieval and early modern drama, performance and theatre history.

Throughout these years of my career as an academic writer, I got the opportunity to write plenty of assignments and essays of diverse students. I have not received even a single dissatisfaction message or feedback from my customers regarding any aspect of my writing. Therefore I can assure you first-rate and original essays when you assign me to write your assignments and essays. Although, if you feel that my work is not upto the mark, you are always welcome to ask for revision. I can do the revision 2 times for you.

Being a full time academic writer in clazwork.com, my main areas of research and writing are essays on English literature. What makes me more skilled at writing essays on English literature is my education, researching and reading skills. My area of expertise is English literature and management. I have written extensively on early modern literature, in particular on Shakespeare and Renaissance theatre which increases my expertise in the field. My research interests stretch out mainly in medieval, modern and contemporary English and comparative literature and culture. The literature of travel is one locale of special interest of me. Right now, I am developing a book-length project on the significance of Shakespeare’s writings in contemporary literature. I have strong interests in life-writing, and in literature and translation. I also welcome creative writing proposals, and research proposals in the part of modern and contemporary poetry. My research into the associations between modern and medieval literature has guided to an interest in cognitive approaches as well.  These features assisted me a lot in gaining specialize in writing essays on English literature.

Writing essays on English literature is not a simple task for the students since it requires a plenty of researches and reading. English Essay writing is a skill which can take time to develop, and will definitely take practice to make it perfect. If you desire to get better your writing essays on English literature, there are a range of resources available. Choosing topic for your essays on English literature is a hard job since English literature is indeed a broad field. Try to select a topic that matches all your academic intentions and also your competency to proceed with it. Besides the quality of the essay, your understanding of the topic is very important. So collect a bundle of materials and data’s that suits your topic. Be careful when you gather the materials because if your materials are not reliable and illogical, your whole essay will be irrational.   Gather materials from the library and online sources. Evade writing an essay that is a regurgitation of facts. There should have a good argument in your essay. A good argument should be quite specific rather than general and comprehensive in particular when writing essays on English literature. At the center of writing a good English Literature essay is readability. Another point that you have to keep in mind when writing your English Literature essay is planning. Because planning aid you to change direction or modify your argument even before starting your essay of English literature. The other major influencing aspect of essays on English literature is essay structure. Proper structure will help you to achieve more grades. The common structure of format for any academic writing is proper introduction along with a thesis statement, well discussed body paragraphs, and thoroughly summarized conclusion. English Literature essay should demonstrate your love of words and language. Including quotations and arguments put forward by the scholars or writers make your essay reflective. Don’t forget to include references, bibliography and citation. The most important thing that you have to remember while writing essays on English literature is that of grammar, spelling, repetition, punctuation, and sentence structure. Finally proofread your essay since it assists you to check for errors. Proof read your essay on English literature because it not only allows you to make free from errors and also helps you to escape from loosing grades or marks from the minor mistakes that took place while you writing the essay.  Following these basic steps will assist to come up with a competitive essay of English literature.

As always the satisfaction of the customers is the prime focus of me whenever I get into writing essays on English literature. Errors can take place even if I try to create a flawless essay. If you find that the essay which I provided you is not in quality as you expected, copied or plagiarized, don’t have the hesitation of asking revision or refund. In order to get your refund, you have to supply me the proof of the plagiarism along with the completed work within five days. Please keep in mind that since I have to go through the whole work personally, I will remove a small amount of money as service charge.

I am constantly honest in my work and used to go on with a positive approach. I am of course stick on to the plans and system of clazwork.com. Thus far, I have not taken any measures in opposition to the policies and system of clazwork.com and I will not get into any transactions opposed to the company anymore in the days to come.