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I am Amy Sarah Jones and am from UK.  Write nursing admission essay have always assisted me a lot in helping lots of students to get their dreams fulfilled.  I am packed with the trait of completing my works on time and make sure that the assigned works are done with its highest recognition. My prime potency is my capability to notice and tackle tenacity potentially negative state of affairs and my skill to be logical, quiet and assume responsibility in a crisis situation.  I am married and at the moment, I am living with my husband and two sons. I have obtained General Nursing and midwifery, B Sc Nursing and M.Sc. in Community Health Nursing. I attained my degrees in nursing from the University of Surrey which has the long history of providing ample opportunity to study higher education. After attaining my degrees, I was selected in a hospital as a nurse. I got the opportunity in the same hospital to work as a nurse for more than nine years. But after my marriage and having two sons, I decided to give up my job as a nurse to concentrate much on my family life. But I was fortunate to teach the students who major nursing from my home itself. Presently I am working for an online essay writing service as an academic assignment writer. I have the experience of six years as an academic assignment writer. 

Science was my favorite subject when I was studying in the schools. So I decided to pursue a career in the field of nursing. In my family, there was no one who was interested or pursued a career in nursing. So I thought of going after a career that is very unfamiliar to my family and relatives. My ambition for nursing was sparked near the beginning in my high school years, during which I attended a club called Medical Explorers. This showed adolescents to diverse fields of healthcare and the nursing area was one of them. My friends backed up me a great deal and many of my close friends are satisfied nurses at present.  As a person, I was sure that I can contribute a lot to the sphere of nursing through attaining knowledge and improving my skills. My education in nursing has allowed me to acquire all the skills and knowledge needed from a flourishing career in nursing. One of the prime reasons to go for the career in nursing is that nursing is a field with a lot of benefits that appeals to professionals especially from the contentment of serving patients to the above-average pay and the job security. The nursing field offered me the option to build up my interests and discover something distinctive to offer while the rewards like financial and personal just persevere with growing.

I can assure you when you assign me to write your assignments and other academic related essays are original and quality work that matches all your academic purposes. I have always tried to come up with good essay as per the customers’ requirements and most of the times; my customers were pleased with my work. I will also attempt my level best to create your work free from plagiarism.  However, if you are not pleased and fulfilled with the quality of the work, you can demand for the revision. I f you are not at all satisfied with my completed essay, you can ask for the refund as well.

As an academic assignment writer, my attention is on creating nursing admission essay.  My expertise subject fields are nursing and English literature. I have written just about 101 assignment and essays on nursing admission so far.  I love writing articles, assignments and essays on English literature as well. I could create profound interest in world literatures, poetries, drama and especially to the works of Shakespeare considerably from my childhood onwards. It eventually helped me to handle essays on English literature.  My education and work experience certainly have a say in developing a flourishing career in nursing and also aided me to expertise in writing nursing admission essay. I have the knack to speedily study new processes taught at work and frequently lend a hand for the new comers and inexperienced professionals to be familiar deeply about the working area. My proficiency with technology, clinical and prioritization problem-solving skills and the skill to move and carry out multi-task in a quickly changing environment have fully prepared me to expertise in writing nursing admission essay. 

Writing an excellent nursing admission essay is very important for you to get an admission in nursing schools.   The majority of the nursing schools need you to write down a personal statement as element of the application procedure. Writing a nursing admission essay can be a scary task for the students because it is both very personal and very high risks. If you desire to be accepted into nursing program that you have applied to, narrating a strong personal statement is the key. Compared to most of other admission essays, a nursing school admission essay is possibly the most personal. Writing an excellent nursing admission essay is a chance to be prominent among the thousands of other candidates.    In your nursing admission essay, you are required to narrate a real-life tale especially by recounting your experience of providing care and support to someone. Narrating a real-life tale will be the best confirmation to make sure that you have reflected on your decision to develop into a nurse. The story that you express in your admission essay should be vivacious and energy, as well as display a distinctive feeling of self. In your nursing admission essay, just notify why you desire to be a nurse and give details why you will be an excellent nurse and try not to demonstrate anything or don’t share your views on something in your nursing admission essay. You are always free to give explanation for your selection to apply to the particular nursing school that you have opted to study.  It is very important that you say about something you have done that is related with nursing and taking care of patients such any programs, project works etc. The nursing admission essay also is supposed to offer insight into the candidate’s motives for attaining the degree program, including long term and short term goals, motivation, experience and dedication to caring for others. Nursing personal statements are commonly quite short so writing an admission essay can be a challenge, but if you are able to narrate a solid story with a well arranged beginning, profoundly narrated middle and an inspirational end that engage your reader can make you win the admission. Let the person who reads your admission essay feel like the decision you made is through deep thinking and desire. If you can be a winner in the admission essay, you will create it very hard for the panel of judges to say no to you.

I always try to find the inclusive contentment of the clients every time I engaged to write nursing admission essay. But errors can be detectable occasionally but not intentionally. Then, you can in fact ask for either correction or money back.  If you consider that the content of your essay is copied, you can demand for money back but you have to produce me the evidence that showing my work is plagiarized.  If I discover that your statement is correct, I will give you the money back.
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