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About Myself

I am Jannik Muller, a professional academic writer who specializes in the technology genre. Even though I belong to USA, yet I am well versed with both the UK and the USA styles of writing as well. I am 29 years old and I have written thousands of academic papers and articles over the last 5 years, which I have been working in this field. By qualification I am a software engineer but I am a writer by choice. I have a Bachelors degree in Information Technology and at the same time I am also pursuing an online course from Stanford University on technical writing. I have also done numerous diplomas in Information Technology and I am a certified SQL Professional also. I am always on the lookout to sharpen my technical and writing skills so that I can deliver the best results to my clients, who expect nothing but the best.

My Expertise

My expertise lies in working on technical articles and since I am a qualified software engineer so I also love to code and make software. Hence I can take on any type of technical assignments, be it technical articles, thesis papers or term papers that need some programming language code in them. My areas of expertise include Java programming, Data Mining, Data Structures, Algorithms and data encryption. My programming skills are also very sharp and I can easily code in Java, PHP, C# and HTML 5. Over the years, I had a lot of exposure with numerous programming languages and new technology so I am able to write technology short essays in a very short span of time with all the accurate information. As I have worked on a number of thesis assignments also, so I can do complex assignments too, within the stipulated deadline.  

Warranty on Satisfaction

As a writer and a good one at that, I guarantee that all the technology short essays written by me would be grammatically correct, free from the evils of plagiarism and be technologically accurate as well. Even though, I presume that the need in most cases will not arise, yet I offer revisions also in case the client is unhappy with the article. At the same time, I require the client to be clear about his requirements and specifications at the beginning of the project itself.

Technology Short Essay Help

Writing technology short essays is a niche field by itself. Students in world-class universities studying about the latest technologies need to write essays about their field and submit them for class assignments, thesis and term papers. Their professors grade them on the essays and the grade received could influence the whole professional career of the student. Also some of the topics on technology short essays are really difficult for the busy student so s/he is going to have a lot of trouble in writing an accurate as well detailed paper on that topic. So it is imperative that a person who has experience and interest in complex topics take up the said task to produce a technical essay, which are totally spot on and they be absolutely technically correct as well. A technology writer such as me, who is qualified in the technology domain and is a professional writer as well, can only achieve this kind of preciseness. I can handle all kinds of difficult and cutting edge technology short essays and deliver work within the given deadline, so that the student can also submit his term paper/thesis/assignments on time and also get the best possible grades.

Technology Short Essay Outline Writing

Assignments in the technology arena can be in any form, such as a Masters or Doctorate Thesis, research proposals, mid-term papers and there can even be some practical assignments. Some of these are elaborate case studies whereas some require programming in them and all of them certainly need to be detailed and well referenced. All of these assignments can only be handled by experts who are well versed with both the fields – technology and writing and also have a lot of experience in such type of assignments. I am well aware of the different types of formats that are used in the International Universities and I can easily customize my essays according to their format. In some cases, the technology short essays have a very strict deadline too and that needs to be adhered to, else the professional career of the student is at stake. I am the person who writes quality, well researched, free of plagiarism, technologically accurate articles on time.

Refund Policy

I promise to refund the amount in case there is any kind of substantial delay from my side or if some one can prove with proof that my work is plagiarized. I expect the clients to review the articles on the same day of submission and demand review, if any. I provide up to four revisions. However, if any client feels that my work was not up to the mark and then they can raise a dispute with the CW Jury and the Jury can then take the call regarding the quality of the paper. In case, they find that the paper is indeed not up to the mark then I will definitely provide a refund.

Compliance with Company Guidelines

I hereby state formally that I work in tandem with the rules and guidelines of my company and I have a blemish-free track record of delivering quality work, on time, every time.