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About Myself :
I am Mike A. Harris from New Zealand. I am thirty five years old. I hold a masters’ degree in engineering from Lincoln University. I am a professional electrical and design engineer, with a six years’ experience in the field. I have a five years’ experience of working as a multi-skilled engineer in a production firm based in the New Zealand. During that period, I provided my services operational plant engineer and production process engineer. I am a writer of engineering essays with a top rated New Zealand firm offering studies writing services. I have a five years’ experience as a writer of engineering essays with this firm.

My Expertise :
As an engineering essay writer I have quality communication skills. I am able to communicate with clearly with use of simple and comprehensible English. Engineering essays contains a lot of technical words. I usually employ the tactic of simplifying terms or giving explanations to the most difficult words in the glossary part of such essays. I have quality analysis skills which are important in writing engineering essays. This is due to the complex nature of information and practical processes in the course. I am able to analyze data and processes, to offer back reliable feedback. With much experience in engineering related careers, I have the technical competency in handling engineering essays. This is based on my knowledge of both theoretical and practical fields in engineering. I can be able to write on many engineering essays. I have good mathematical skills and can work comfortably with large figures. This together with my quality analytical skills enables me to write engineering related essays with quality illustrations and presentations.