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I am Tim Louis and I am from Australia. Essays on literature topics gave me ample knowledge and understanding in this field.  Whatever the situation is I am destined to face, I always used to set high standards for myself. The work that I generate is a likeness of who I am. I set high standards for my work, and also for myself. I trust in doing things well so as to be successful with what I carry out and with the commitments I make.  I am 47 years of old and am married. At present, I am living with my parents, wife and children. I have completed my degree in BA and MA English literature. I have also done B.Ed with an intention to go on with the teaching career. I earned my degrees from the University of Melbourne which well known for offering apt facilities for pursuing degrees. Immediately after completing my degree studies, I got the job as a teacher in one of the schools in Australia. After teaching the school students for more than six years, I was promoted as a college professor. All in all, I have the experience of 19 years as a teacher. Presently I am working as an academic assignment writer. I am working as an academic assignment writer for the past 11 years.

I love the profession of teaching since teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. I had a huge amount of respect and admiration to the teachers who did and didn’t teach me. My chief inspiration to opt for the teaching profession was my father. My father was a visiting professor in one of the well known universities in Australia. His main profession was teaching and he showed me the commitment that one should give to his job. It is spot on that my father influenced me a lot in my career as a teacher. My teaching profession gave me lots of insights into the job of academic writer. I achieve much knowledge during my work for the reason that I am still learning while I am working. Sometimes my job of teaching and writing are masses of challenging thing to carry out but I am still enjoying my job. I get better and better each day since I am fond of learning while I am getting hands on experience.

My past 11 years experience in the field of academic assignment writing offered me numerous chances to put in writing articles and essays on literature. The students who assigned me for writing their assignments, articles and essays on literature were utterly contented with the work that I have prepared for them. In view of my work experience in the field of academic assignment writing especially on literature essays, I can promise you stupendous and brilliant essays on literature topics or subjects.  But if you notice that my work does not have the excellence as you expected, you are always open to claim for the revision. I am so happy to perform up to 2 revisions for you. 

Being a passionate academic assignment writer, my attention is on carrying out essays on literature subjects and its diverse topics. My expertise subject fields are English literature and biology. I have up to now done just about 161 assignments and essays on literature topics. I also welcome assignments from the students who major in biology as well since I have already written quite a lot of articles and essays on biology. My studies and my job of teaching and academic assignment writing helped me to handle diverse topics in the field of literature essays which eventually helped me to be expertise in literature essays. My researches and study of foreign literatures and the relationships between those literatures and between literature and other fields such as art, music, history, and theatre also prepared me to be expertise in literature essays. My work experience and researches have allowed me to learn and enhance the skills of literary analysis, writing and analytical reasoning. Right now, I am carrying out a study and research on the relations between visual art and literature.

Writing essays on literature topics can be a tough task for the students at the time they are asked by the professors to put in writing literature essays during their college time. The major cause behind this hardiness is that students have not got ample practice in writing essays during their school days and higher studies time. It is exactly right that high-quality writing is the outcome of proper preparation, a profusion of practices, and hard work. It will be useful for the students, if they get a hold on some tips and details to literature topics writing. One of the primary things that have to be patent about writing a literature topics essay is that essays on literature topics are quite different from an essay in practically all the other subjects. The major cause is that essays on literature topics are the product of deep research and study. Prior to starting to write your literature topics essay, ensure that you have read all of the proper and associated texts very watchfully. A literature paper includes the rational argument of a variety of claims. Your paper must provide a plain and precise argument about literature. The contents of your literature topics essay should not be incorporated in the whole depiction of your opinions, or in a plain element of the opinions of the scholars that you learn in the classroom. Ensure that you have to defend the claims you make by providing ample supportive arguments. You have to put forward explanations in your paper very properly especially in a way to believe them. You should take care of your essays on literature topics with an intention to sway the audience that are projected to read your paper. Be always attentive that you should not write your essays on literature topics with guesses and attempt to put in writing the points or arguments closely as it is. The intention of essays on literature topics is to express that you have a handle on the essay and also you are capable enough to reflect positively about it. If you are able to write literature topics essay without missing any important points, it will help you to attain good grades. You should generate a good arrangement for your essays on literature topics that can be very clear particularly by including accurate introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. After finishing your essay, please proofread it.   Make an effort to rewrite it without consuming lots of time if you are unhappy with the whole work. If you can target these tips, you can certainly write best essays on literature topics.

While writing essays on literature topics as your requirements, the plan is 100% satisfaction of you. But faults can take place at times. If you are not delighted with the essay in particular in its excellence, you can demand a refund but you have to ask for the revision prior to five days after your order was submitted.   I used to write the assignments by using plagiarism checker. Still if you consider that my works are derivative, you must offer me the screenshot of plagiarism report with your order inside 5 days. If your claim is valid, I will return your money.

As I am a faithful and a full time writer in, I am certainly, is entirely abided by writer guidelines and strategies. So I will not seize any actions opposed to the companies’ guidelines and strategies.