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I am Luke Edmund Wells and am focused on essay on biology as an academic writer.  I am a perfectionist who desires to move ahead towards perfection by learning in particular through my experiences and interaction with people around me. I am from United States of America and am 42 years of old. I am married and am living with my parents, wife and two kids. I have obtained BS, MS and PhD degree in Biology. I earned my degrees from the University of Aberdeen which is a public research-focused university in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. After completing my degrees, I came back to US and I was appointed as a visiting professor in one of the colleges in US. I worked as a visiting professor for more than 7 years. After my marriage, I really desired to find a job that can be done from my home itself because I wished to spend more time with my family. After searching for just about 2 months, I came to know about clazwork which is one of the finest online essay writing services. Right now my main profession is in academic assignment writing. I have the experience of about 9 years in the field of academic assignment writing.

When growing up, I was constantly attracted in looking at and finding out fresh things. In school, I did extremely well in math and science. Ever since my high school, I have been engrossed in how things work in the field of biology. So I decided to focus much on the biological topics and subjects. My family always had a strong influence in my career decision makings. My brother has been a perennial influence for me since he has been excellent in his decision making particularly about his academic, non academic and professional career. Although I was interested in biology as a career, prior to pursue my degree I was indeed confused of making a final verdict on my career. But eventually I decided that biology is my academic as well as professional career. I believed that it is the field of biology that I can do extremely well as a student and employee. It is spot on that my higher studies of BS; MS and PhD degree in Biology gave me a strong foundation for a flourishing career in biology.

During my 9 years in the field of academic assignment writing, I got plenty of chances to write articles and essays on biology. I could also write a number of assignments and projects for the students in biology. As a result of my work experience in the filed of biology, I can assure you first class and excellent essays on biology. But if you observe that my work does not have the quality as you expected, you are free to ask for the revision. I am so pleased to do up to 2 revisions for you.

As a passionate academic writer, my focus is on completing essays on biology. My expertise subject fields are mathematics and biology. I have carried out just about 111 assignments and essays on biology so far. I was also fortunate to write assignments from the students in mathematics as well. My education and my work experiences are the main features that expertise me in essays on biology. My job of a visiting professor for more than seven years indeed offered me plenty of chances to conduct seminars and presentations for the students. It allowed me to carry out lots of research and studies in biology which gave more understanding and knowledge in essays on biology. One of my best strengths which I have obtained at some point in my education and work is good analytical and planning skills. This has always benefited me to be exact and disciplined in everything that I carry out. I am too focused on my work that aids me to expertise in essays on biology. Presently, I am working on a project, “the advantages and the challenges that used to face by the people who decide on biology as their main career”.
It is spot on that the students are required to write essay on biology during their academic studies. Writing essays can be a horrible experience for many of the students since it needs researches, reading and lots of time. Every time the students listen to the word essay, most of the students become panic about how to write it.  It is true that most of the students are not certain about how much time they need to write or how much knowledge and information they need to include in their essay on biology. For writing an essay on biology, the primary requirement from the part of the students is to find out a suitable topic that matches the competency and skill of the student. Essay on biology can be made very interesting if you choose a proper topic.  It is very clear that when you are engaged in writing a Biology essay, marks are awarded for the scientific content, the coverage of the topic and for its logic. Everyone may experience writer's block. In one way or other it is very useful because it will tend you to go for researching and reading a great deal on the topic of your essay. After selecting a topic, next step is to carry out reading and collecting materials. Collect as much as information and data you can and organize it in a way that can make your writing essay on biology so simple and effortless.  If you can make an outline or draft of your essay, you will be tension free while writing essay on biology. Developing an ability to express ideas on paper is a vital element of your education. So making a draft of your essay will help your to achieve it. It is spot on that creating an outline or a draft will stop you from missing imperative details of the topic.  Then you can move on to the very important step that is to write your essay. While proceeding with your essay on biology, please make sure that you essay have a standard format. The general format that can be used for an essay is introduction with a thesis statement, comprehensively discussed body paragraphs and precisely recapped conclusion. To ensure that your work is original, the citation section is vital. Incorporating references and bibliography makes your essay perfect. After you have finished your essay, check for all errors because proofreading can make your essay supreme. If necessary modify the complete essay without using plenty of time because you are required to submit the essay on time. So if you are capable of practicing these simple steps, you can without difficulty come up with exceptional essay on biology.

Writing an excellent essay on biology is in fact a test but I have always attempted to produce a strong essay. But if you believe that the essay or assignments that I have done for you are not in control or copied, you can ask for the correction or refund. In case of refund, you are necessary to deliver me the proof of plagiarism with the work within five days of delivery. If I discover that your report is factual, I will give your money back gladly. 

Being an employee of clazwork.com, I am compulsory to pursue the policies and guidelines of clazwork.com. I haven’t done anything not in favor of the company to this point and I will not take any actions against the company in the future as well.