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I am Merlin James and am from Australia. For the last 9 years, I am working as an academic assignment writer and am focused on writing essays on nursing. I am 43 years of old. I am married and am blessed with two lovely sons. Right now, my main career is in academic assignment writing. I believe that my 9 years experience as academic writer have shaped me to a prolific and creative writer. Currently, I am working for clazwork.com which is one of the best online essay writing services in the field. Prior to turning into my career as an academic writer, I was a professional nurse. I worked as a nurse for more than nine years. My job as a nurse helped me a lot to excel in academic writing since it taught me the value of hard work and knowledge that are essential to turn out to be a productive writer.  I took my degrees in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). I obtained my degrees from the University of Queensland.

As a full time assignment writer in clazwork.com, my responsibility is to write essays on nursing. Writing essays on nursing is really an easy and painless task for me in view of the fact that I was a specialized nurse for more than nine years. My expertise area of writing is nursing. The field of nursing has always fascinated me from my early days onwards. My aunty was the inspiration for me to choose a career in the area of nursing. My aunty named Andriana Philip was worked as a professional nurse for more than 38 years and showed me what a nurse has to be and how she should handle her profession and family life with harmony. I have written just about 70 articles and assignments so far in the field of nursing. I have also written plenty of assignments in the field of literature as well especially English. So my wider knowledge allows me to write down various subjects with ease and effective.

The only assurance that I can give is that the assignments and essays that I write for you will be hundred percentage original and quality work. And also my works will accordingly be written to equip all your academic purposes. My written assignments and essays will also be free from plagiarism.  Though if you consider that my work is copied or not in quality, you are free to ask for the revision or refund.

Essays on nursing are the main subject matter that I take in hand as a writer in clazwork.com.  Writing essays on the field of nursing have always attracted me a lot since I was a child and eventually it increased my understanding and perceptive in this area hugely. As an academic writer, my experience in writing essay on nursing is big and also I have written more than 70 assignments and projects on the topic of nursing that makes me a prolific writer in the field.  I could also conduct seminars and some other presentation on nursing which enlarged my knowledge and understanding in this field.  When I was a nurse I liked to teach the medical students and many of the students came to me to clarify their confusions. It indeed helped me a lot as writer to become familiar with the concerns and worries of the students in writing an essay on nursing. I have written some of the articles related to nursing and also have formed scholarship essays on nursing and admission essays on nursing.

Writing essays on nursing is a simple task and won’t be stressed in you know how to write an essay on nursing. Planning how you will write an essay can lend a hand for you to ease stress and earn the grades you are worthy of.  Having done your reading and note-taking, draw a mind map of the main topics to form the structure of the essay. Present your essay professionally especially by using a sound structure and proper format. Nursing is a vast area and finding a topic that suits your needs is vital. From the mind map, make a decision regarding the order of the topics, number them and put in them on the plan between the introduction and conclusion. Making an outline of your essay helps you to move on with the entire essay smoothly. Thereafter make an effort to write creatively from the outline.   Look through the information in your outline and aim to think of anecdotes that will draw attention to most of the key points you listed in the outline. The nursing essay is definitely a chance for you to make obvious what you know on the given subject. So as to display your understanding on the selected topic it is important that you read broadly around the topic area. Collect all the details, information and data’s that are required for making your essay on nursing effective and persuasive.   Nursing essay you write should be contained of three elements like the Introduction that should show how you plan to write the essay and the Main Body of the essay should follow the plan as set out before writing essay.  Divide your main body with sub-sections together with sub-titles.  Finally, the Conclusion should sum up your whole essay. Proof-read your work and go for rewriting if needed. Make use of bibliography and citation to make your essay professional. The citation that you draw on must have an equivalent access in your reference part at the last part of the essay.

It is spot on that errors can take place although I fully concentrate to come up with a faultless essay.  You are always welcome to request either revision or refund in case you are not pleased with the completed work.  If you sense that the essay is copied, you can claim for refund but you have to supply the confirmation that viewing the work is plagiarized.  If I come across that your claim is correct, I will make the repayment.

I am a committed employee and certainly am obliged to completely go after the clazwork.com writer guidelines and rule.   I will not take any proceedings that are hostile to the companies’ policy and strategies.