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Alfie S Potter

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Keele University
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13 February, 2020

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About Myself
I have been an academic Ethics essays writer with Clazwork for 7 years now. I am 30 years old UK Citizen born and raised in Bristol. Despite being a UK citizen, I am familiar with USA, UK, Canadian and Australian writing styles and I can work on the Ethics assignments from all these regions. Professionally I am an Ethics and Compliance Specialist working in UK. I have excellent skills and competence in examining ethical issues, challenges and dilemmas in professional and public life from a wide spectrum of ethical worldviews and theories. I have worked on numerous academic papers from all Ethics areas in the four states for the 8 years that I have been a writer. I have mastered in Ethics and I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Ethics at Keele University. My career and writing job are interrelated hence providing me with a smooth path in balancing the two and they have never at any point collided.

My Expertise
I attribute my distinguished expertise to my education background that has made me well informed with different Ethical technical terms and vocabularies as well as exposing me to Ethics discourse for a long period of time. Therefore, I can tackle any Ethics assignment from the four states mentioned above without any bother. My career as an Ethics and Compliance Specialist has also enhanced my writing savvy as it ensures that I keep up to date with the current Ethics trends globally. I always present exemplary well-done essays to my clients.