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Peter R Brandley

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Durham University
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03 December, 2021

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About Myself
I am Peter Brandley, a UK citizen born and living in Westminster. I am 40 years old UK best professional academic writer in the Business field. I am currently working at Clazwork. I have worked in the department of business within the Company for 15 years now. I am very mobile hence very comfortable with the idea of posting status updates and tweets from any location at any time, when necessary as well as embracing new tools and the willingness to sacrifice some of my free time outside of traditional office hours in order to be available to the communities as they require. Professionally, I am an Accreditation Specialist in UK. Being highly mobile, I am able to flexibly respond appropriately to my client’s needs whenever they require my services. I have a PhD in Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Masters in Global Media and Communication and a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media.

My Expertise
My ranking as the UK best academic communication and media essay writer is due to the many years of experience and training in the field. I have been exposed to communication and media literature for 25 years now and this has made me rich in the communication and media technical terms and areas. The fact that I have been a writer in the field for 15 years has also enhanced my competence having dealt with similar assignments over and over. My career as an Accreditation Specialist has also furthered my competence as it keep me updated with the global Communication and media trends.