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11 July, 2020

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About Myself
I am a 36 year old professional essay writer who specializes in the Computer Science field. I have been a writer at Clazwork for 10 years now. I reside in UK; Manchester which is also my birth place. I am detail-oriented, analytical and very accurate hence I am capable of analyzing a problem, mapping out a solution, then executing that solution in an accurate manner. Professionally I am a Network Security Developer working in the UK but a part time writer by choice. I research and read widely in all the computer science topics and areas of study. I hold a PhD, Masters and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
My Expertise
I am a professional academic computer science writer having the requisite training and experience in the field. As stated earlier, I have been a professional essay writer in this field for 10 years in which I have worked on different papers and articles. My career as a Network Security Developer has played a great role in my proficiency since it has equipped me with skills on advanced research in the computer science field hence making me a better writer. I am also indebted to my education background that has exposed me to computer science literature as well as terms and vocabularies associated with this field for many years. Therefore, I am able to take on any assignment whether it is a thesis paper, term paper, coursework, essay or article as long as it is from the field. Being detail-oriented, analytical and accurate, I am able to carefully and reflectively follow the clients’ instructions to detail.