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21 October, 2021

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About Myself:
I am Jaden Davenport. I have been an academic writer for the past 6 years of my life. Being an academic writer is an ever challenging job and working at Clazwork has been such a learning experience. I joined Clazwork right after my graduation from Business School. I developed the necessary skill sets that are required of an academic writer. There were many papers that were assigned to me that were challenging and truly helped me develop my writing ability. They also helped me improve my knowledge of various subjects ranging from sociology to marketing. After a few years I chose to do my MBA with an emphasis on Human Resource Management.

My Expertise:
My experience as an academic writer for 6 years qualifies me to write on a variety of subjects ranging from sociology to marketing. However after I completed my MBA I now choose to write papers for management students alone. I feel that I can deliver a more professional paper in the subjects that pertain to the management sciences. Human resource management is a very important area of study when it comes to management and an increasing number of students are opting for this branch of study. I can write very good papers on the subject. I have written case studies on major corporations as well. I believe that the papers that I write are of very good quality. I have also been appreciated by my clients for the work that I have done on their papers.