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About Me
I am a thirty five years old graduate and a holder of a master’s degree in speech and language therapy. I am a private hospital speech therapist and specialist. I am a UK citizen and also a writer. I offer writing services with a UK based firm that provides articles writing services for students. I have been writing pharmacy related essays for four years with the firm.
My expertise
I am a well-qualified speech therapist in a private sector, with a six years’ experience in the field. I have a large theoretical knowledge on general practices and application of primary health care. I can therefore be able to write on any primary healthcare related article. Apart from such essays, I can also write on the healthcare essays that are related to my area of specialization in speech therapy health. This allows me to provide a wide platform of services to our clients. Grammatically, I am an eloquent communicator and I also possess good presentation skills. This is very vital since I am able to communicate clearly and also present research findings in a well comprehensible manner. As a career holder on the same field that I write on, I highly understand healthcare and its environs. I am hence able to write healthcare essays that are of an expertise level and quality. I am an ethical professional writer and ensure to observe all codes of conduct while handling clients. I keep time and observe schedules. I also ensure the quality of the health care essays I write are above standards. An analysis on the customer feedback I receive shows that I have managed to ensure customer satisfaction on quality of essays.