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Alfie F Clements

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11 September, 2021

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About Myself
I am a twenty five year old professional transcriber. Having worked with several online companies such as Freelance and Elance, I have gained great experience in this field. Born and raised in Melbourne, English was my first and native language. Melbourne University was where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in the same. My transcription capabilities are contributed to my sharp listening skills and fast typing which enables me put down spoken content into written words. I am a transcriber in tourism. Being among the top rated Australia’s transcribers has given me a good reputation and enabled me compete with other transcribers worldwide.

My Expertise
Creation of written content is my passion. In this case, I not only transcribe spoken speeches and interviews but also offer transcription services to musicians who want their piece of work in writing. In this job, accuracy is always what I take as my guiding principle. The written words should match the spoken words. This is a tall order and there is no room for errors. My services are quite magnificent and unique based on the fact that I have received no complaints of inaccurate transcription or unnecessary addition of information. Having learned Spanish, I am in a position to transcribe spoken words not only in English but also in Spanish. The numerous recommendations I have received for offering help in transcription have turned me into a recipient of not less than ten emails a day from people seeking to hire me for transcription. This is a path I cannot regret but in turn will live to rejoice in it.