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About myself
I am Erin R Skinner from Ryle TX 75235 USA. I am a citizen of the same. I am thirty seven years old. I am a graduate and a holder of a post graduate degree in industrial maths with a specialization on pure computation from the Leeds University USA. Professionally, I am a math lecturer in a top USA college. I provide pure computation training, a career I have had for six years. Also, I provide online math tutoring service. I have been offering online math lessons for eleven years. I offer online math tutorials for functions Graphs and sequence.
My expertise
As a professional computational math lecturer with six years ‘experience and also a holder of a post graduate degree in math, I am well skilled and qualified for online mathematics tutorials to students. I employ highly engaging online training methods. This helps the students to concentrate more and be engaged in the ongoing lessons, hence more understanding. Some of the online math tutorial methods I use include group work where a group of student taking one module come together to handle discussions. I also provide a personal relationship with individual students. This helps me identify personal difficulties each student is experiencing. I provide online lessons math projections and board illustrations. This is because the visual process is more capturing and easier to understand. I am a good communicator and hence able to use simple mathematical languages and English. I am well skilled in functions, graphs, sequence and series. I provide quality detailed graphs that are easy to understand for the students. I am very familiar with the functions topics, offering lessons on liner functions, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithm functions and trigonometric functions. I am able to provide basic and advanced math tutorials for other topics for example; hyperbolic functions, composition of functions and inverse functions. I am a clear communicator and able to provide other online math lessons in Sigma notation as a full course, arithmetic and geometric progressions, limits of sequences and the sum of an infinite series. The Limit of functions is the last topic I offer on the online math tutorials. All my lessons are provided in a chronological and easy to follow system. This enables student to be able to flow from one chapter to another. My online tutorials majorly involve short exams or home work after every tutorial session. I set the mathematical queries provided in my home assignments. After completion, I offer guidance on the errors made. This helps students grasp more on the mathematical queries and training. I pose quality lesson management skills that include proper time management, timely lesson starting time and high student engagement during the training. I am also highly competent in technology and its application. This is very vital for online math tutorials. I am hence able to carry out visual activities such as lesson and workout illustrations, and online video lessons.