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About Me:
My name is Joel Whitworth and I was born, brought up and made the United States of American my natural home. Our family tree originated in Cuba but we have been living in the United States for several generations now, but sadly enough we are yet to gain citizenship status in this country. I was born in year 1990. My parents were both labourers in cotton picking region of the Southeastern region of North Carolina. I attended school in North Carolina and graduated in Arts in College of Arts and Social Sciences in 2010 under the aegis of North Carolina State University (NCSU). Due to the insistence of my parents, I also underwent English Teachers Education option at College of Humanities and Social Sciences, North Carolina and passed the course with distinction in year 2013.

My Expertise:
Since childhood, I have nursed desires to become a good teacher dedicated to the profession. I also have had a preference for black children since they are underprivileged and do not enjoy much of the benefits, non black students enjoy. Although I am just 24 years of age, I am wordly wise and know a great deal about practical education gained from my constant interactions with parents, teachers, peer and friend groups. By far, teachers play the most important roles in the development of holistic personalities of future generations. Their passion for learning and education is indeed passed on to pupils, and then on to free society, to people more talented and gifted  then themselves and they help build stronger and more competent societies, free of any kind of prejudices or discrimination