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Evelyn I McGregor

United States | 03:05 PM Local Time
Completed : Masters & Ph.D. (Mathematics)
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178 (Including Test Assignments and Revisions)
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University of Louisville
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09 May, 2022

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About Myself:
I am Evelyn McGregor. I belong to Louisville, Kentucky. I completed my Graduation in Mathematics from the University of Louisville. I chose Mathematics because I have always been fascinated by it. I started working for a few years ago. Working with Clazwork has been a learning experience. Through the years that I have spent working for Clazwork I have felt that the site takes care of its customers and tutors. I do plan to work for the site in the future. I have been praised for the work that I have done and the positive comments are available on the website’s writer profile page stand testimony to my ability as a writer.

My Expertise:
My areas of expertise when it comes to tutoring include the following:
Functions, Graphs, Sequences & Series
Introduction to functions
Linear functions
Polynomial functions
Exponential and logarithm functions
Trigonometric functions
Hyperbolic functions
Composition of functions
Inverse functions
Sigma notation
Arithmetic and geometric progressions
Limits of sequences
The sum of an infinite series
Limits of functions